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La Saj Specialties

All La Saj Specialties include rice and saj-grilled vegetables with your choice of soup or salad.

Chicken Kabob (Chicken Tawook)


Tender chicken breast cubes marinated & grilled, served with garlic sauce

Saji Kafta


Three skewers of high quality seasoned ground lamb & beef, parsley, and onions, grilled to perfection

House Favorite Sajee


Your choice of chicken, lamb, or beef, very thinly-sliced, marinated and grilled on The Saj

Boneless Chicken – Half or Full


Specially marinated white and dark meat chicken grilled on The Saj

House Favorite Beef Kastalata  


8 oz. of butterflied beef tenderloin grilled to your preference with zip sauce, topped with onions & sautéed mushrooms

Tenderloin Kabob  


Marinated USDA Choice beef tenderloin or tender lamb cubes grilled to your preference

House Favorite Lamb Chops


Domestic spring Lamb Chops marinated & chargrilled to your preference

House Favorite Lamb Shank


Braised spring Lamb with onions, celery, carrots, & potatoes in a natural tomato sauce

Capellini Amoré


Imported angel hair pasta tossed with Chardonnay, basil, garlic & fresh tomato. This dish served with soup or salad only.

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